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sky broadband

Discussion in 'Sky Broadband' started by sweety, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. sweety

    sweety New Member

    I knew this service is provided by the SKy tv. I have bgeen heard alot about it. i knew about the sky tv but i haven't know about the broadband service. I want to hear form the real cusotmers of this sky broadband. How much it is efficient and what is the average speed?.
  2. Kevin

    Kevin New Member

    I dont think you will get any respone for this topic as, Sky broadband does not have big users database, the reason behind the less popularity of Sky broadband is the availability of so many other Broadband providers.
  3. Josph

    Josph New Member

    Hi Kevin, i don't agree with you, Sky broadband does have good demand, my neighbours use Sky broadband , though the services are not as good as other Broadband provider but they certainly have some market value.
  4. Kevin

    Kevin New Member

    It strange for me as i have not heared much about Sky broadband in my areas, may be my opinion is based upon the areasd where i live, but yet i feel its going to be difficult for Sky to catch the big market.
  5. elvenrunelord

    elvenrunelord New Member

    this is a satelite company isn't it. Sat broadband is really not that good due to the lat issues with it. Its almost impossible to play online games with sat broadband.
  6. Louise31

    Louise31 New Member

    I disagree Sky are proving to be big players out there are can offer so much more than just satalite systems
  7. Orrymain

    Orrymain New Member

    I'm not knowledgeable on the subject, but I would have thought they would be a leader in broadband since they are in TV.
  8. elvenrunelord

    elvenrunelord New Member

    I don't really consider them a leader in the sat. TV world either. As I said in a earlier post though. For what they are, they offer good speeds for internet. Its the 2 second lat problem I have an issue with and thats will all sat internet.
  9. Neil_UK

    Neil_UK Super Moderator

    I think you may be a little confused because it is actually Sky broadband, and I haven't really heard any problems with Sky broadband at all.
  10. Neil_UK

    Neil_UK Super Moderator

    I agree with you Louise, Sky are big players in the market, and because they are a huge success with their television packages, the current users will obviously go with their broadband packages as it works out cheaper for them and more suitable.

    Since the launch of Sky they have always proven to be a leading company with excellent customer service.
  11. Simplyme

    Simplyme New Member

    I am starting to hear more and more about them which tells me that even if there has been issues in the past there is a good chance that they are working on those issues and improving their services.
  12. Oigen

    Oigen New Member

    People say that their broadband isn't too good. I've never tried it, so I can't help you with that.
  13. smnlx

    smnlx New Member

    Sky is of poor quality, if you ask me. They may be big players but there are others that are way better than them.
  14. Neil_UK

    Neil_UK Super Moderator

    Its useful for those people who are not going to use broadband that often and only use it sometimes, as it works out cheaper for them! If you are not aware Sky broadband is only available to those who have Sky TV.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2009
  15. master86

    master86 New Member

    Sky Broadband Offer

    Well, Sky is offering free broadband to its Sky TV customers. So, in order to avail of any Sky Broadband offers, you primarily need to be a Sky TV customer. You can always pay for your Sky Broadband offer through your TV subscription but do keep in mind you do have to bear an installation fee of £30 which is a standard cost. Moreover, Sky introduces regular offers which at times waive of the installation costs too. So do keep a look out for the same.
  16. smoothvibes

    smoothvibes Super Moderator

    I never used Sky Broadband but heard that it really works good for most of the customers.
    Apart from that it is really affordable as they are offering Upto 20Mbps for ₤10 (depends upon area to area, please check the maximum stable rate in your area before subscribing to any plan).
  17. Selwyn

    Selwyn New Member

    Transferred to Sky Broadband a week ago and had no problems with the set up and my speed is 13. I also saved about $10 per month. Sky is goung to be the top UK supplier.
  18. davidhawk

    davidhawk New Member

    I am associated with Sky Broadband for more than 3 years and I am totally satisfied with its services. Whenever there is any signal problem and if you call Sky customer services http://qwikfix.co.uk/sky-customer-services/ they will hear you with patience and if the problem is rectified with in hours or two, they will tell you, otherwise next day it will certainly get corrected. In such circumstances, how can I say that they are not providing good services.

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